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Poetry & Essays

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Contribution to Movement Research 

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Dear Ableist Dance World

Poem by Vanessa Hernández Cruz published in Dancegeist Magazine in 2022

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A Letter to Our Multi-Marginalized Disabled Dancers

Poem by Vanessa Hernández Cruz published in In Dance Magazine through Dancers' Group San Franscisco in 2022

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My Ancestors Wildest Dream: An Essay

An essay written for Stance on Dance about what it means "to make it".

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Podcast, Press, & More

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Chapter 12: TUNNEL: Poem & Dance Film

Featured on Horror Stories From The Ableist Society — Through Diversability

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Beyond the Stage Podcast: Episode 2: CSULB Dance Students: Bringing Accessibility & Disability Justice to CSULB

Beyond the Stage, an interview podcast series from the Carpenter Performing Arts Center where Vanessa Cruz, Jocelyn Magaña, and Teresa Declines discuss how they brought  accessibility and disability justice to CSULB

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Podcast with All Bodies Dance in Canada:

Episode #4: 
The Root of It Is Interdependence with Vanessa Cruz

Vanessa was an an invited guest to All Bodies Dance in Canada for their Podcast ABDP. Check it out!

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Exhibition Opulent Mobility: DNA: Disability Not Ability

In 2021, DNA was selected to be exhibited for Opulent Mobility. 

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Exhibition Ikouii Spotlight Honorable Mention: DNA: Disability Not Ability

Read about Vanessa's process and check out her other works!

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ART IS MOVEMENT Showcase: Cascading Veins Dance Film

Vanessa was a part of the Art is Movement hosted by The Disability Collective based in Canada where she presented her dance film Cascading Veins.

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