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Artistic Statement

What does it mean to be human in this vessel?

A question that is underneath my creative processes. These vessels are interchangeable just like my intersectional identities but are never separate from one another. The vessels in which I explore my Disabled Chicana experiences are through dance, visual art, and writing. My work is intergalactic and limitless from the confines of this world. I create to explore the hidden roots of the fabrics of my being and I bring to life other worlds that have power to challenge our perceptions of time and our humanity. 


My dance, visual art, & writings are often woven together to generate works that have influences of dark aesthetics, horror, abstractions, experimentation, and storytelling that merges my Chicana Disabled experiences. They come alive through film, stage, outdoor settings, and anywhere else that feels like an act of rebellion to just be. I have the understanding that whatever comes from my being will be politicized, be put in a container, be filtered through the perception of audiences of varying lived experiences but when that happens I know I have disrupted the status quo of what society needs me to be. Through my artistic practice, I am moving into my true authentic form of being. 


I strive to make pieces that are provocative and accessible for our multi-marginalized Disabled communities. Through a Disability Justice framework, I integrate different forms of access that includes but not limited to: audio description, closed captioning, textures, Spanish language, Land Acknowledgement, & tactile visual art. I aspire to continue to grow and expand my access practices for my work so that it can be experienced by all. My art is a form of activism that challenges the paradigm of what a dance artist should be like. 


My performances transcends through space, time, energy and most importantly to my ancestors. With this energy, I hope to build community and share the path that I am paving for future multi-marginalized Disabled artists. Through dance, community and interdependence I believe that collective liberation can be achieved.


Light on Concrete Wall



  • In development to become an evening length show.

  • In Fall 2022, it was performed live at the Wilshire Ebell Theater in Los Angeles

  •  Fall 2022, presented as a work-in-progress for Los Angeles Performance Practice: CASUAL  

  • 2021: Official Selection for the Some Dance Screen Fest through The PLACE Performance

  • 2021: Dance Cinema Award Frostbite International Online Film Festival

  • 2021: The Midnight Film Festival Official Selection

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